Our values



LA MESMA stands for sincerity, honesty and reliability. It is important to us that our sportswear and swimwear are beautiful and functional. They should give women support and feel comfortable on the skin. Women who wear a breast prosthesis should be able to rely on our sports and swimwear. They should be able to rely on the fact that nothing slips or pinches. I can proudly say that we have lived up to this claim.


Every time I talk to a La Mesma customer, I see the extraordinary strength of the women.

They accomplish incredible things in their daily lives
between children, jobs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and operations.

That inspires and impresses me very much. The designs should express precisely this strength.


Ultimately, La Mesma is all about beauty.

We all want to be beautiful. But the central questions are what is beauty and for whom do we want to be beautiful?

In LA MESMA sports and swimwear, women should feel beautiful, whether with or without a prosthesis. And our cuts make it possible.



The LA MESMA brand also stands for authenticity. Our focus in the production of sports and swimwear lies on sustainability.

Both our sportswear and swimwear and the packaging are made from predominantly recycled materials. We have found a strong partner in FLM Textil in this respect.