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Fayola – The African goddess – Our pride and joy

We are particularly proud of this bikini top from La Mesma. An absolute novelty in swimwear for women with breast prostheses. It has a modern yet functional cut. With just one main strap and a removable thin second strap. If you want more support, use the second thin strap. If you want to sunbathe or enjoy the freedom, simply leave it off.

Each LA MESMA bikini top has a pocket on both sides. This means that the partial or full prosthesis can be worn on one or both sides as desired. Even when wearing only one breast prosthesis, you won’t notice the second pocket. The wonderfully soft inner lining envelops your skin like velvet. Nothing sticks or pinches.

For all situations

La Mesma tops are also suitable for women who are still wearing their port under their skin or have sensitive armpits. You can therefore choose between versions with the fixed strap on the right or left side. The tops are designed so that you can enjoy a pain-free day at the beach or swimming pool.
Breast prosthesis does not slip. When diving into the water or even when swimming butterfly, the breast prosthesis always remains in the perfect position.

The LA MESMA elasticated band directly under your chest ensures maximum comfort. This provides extra support for larger sizes in particular.

It is not just a top – it is a joy for life