Your story is our story

Our Story

My personal path to LA MESMA

Why does LA MESMA exist? I can only say with absolute conviction: because there is no alternative to LA MESMA.

With LA MESMA sportswear and swimwear, I want to give women who have lost their breasts the feeling of femininity again.

They should give women support, their breasts, their prosthesis and their soul. They should remind women that they are beautiful and sexy just the way they are!



This is our mission

LA MESMA was born out of the desire to design paradisaically beautiful sports and swimwear that supports YOU – not just your breasts or your breast prosthesis, but you as a whole.

It reminds you that you are beautiful and sexy, it wants to give you a feeling of protection and strength.

Women who wear LA MESMA feel beautiful, sexy and complete again – in their very own way.

Our vision

Every woman knows that she is COMPLETE & UNIQUE!
More and more women are ditching their breast prosthesis, and rightly so!

You want to feel free and don’t want to hide.

That’s what LA MESMA stands for: no woman has to hide. We are all beautiful!

Join our LA MESMA community! Feel COMPLETE & UNIQUE and choose your favourite model!

Esther Hirsch Business Foto

Find strength,
experience beauty.



Our values

We stand for sincerity, strength,
beauty and authenticity