Giving back

For a more beautiful world
For us, not only are beautiful sports and swimwear important, but sustainability is also very significant to us and includes:

We share the success we achieve with our sustainable fashion along our service providers and suppliers.

We continuously optimize our production and supply chains and thus make our contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions.

Our products are primarily made from recycled materials.
We also use recycled materials for our packaging.

Clevere packaging
To counteract CO2 emissions, we optimize our shipping packaging to the minimum and only use biodegradable fillers.

International charity
With every purchase, LA MESMA donates 2€ to an association for women with breast cancer.

Frau mit wehendem Tuch am Strand

Looking to the future

When we think about the future, we don’t just think about our company. Naturally, LA MESMA should and will continue to grow. The emphasis here is on ”naturally”.

But above all, our view of the future is shaped by the question of what kind of world we are leaving to our children.

We want to actively help shape this world and leave it more beautiful, healthier and stronger than we found it.
We thank you if you decide to join us on this path and support sustainable swimwear.