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Our way to cover your breast prosthesis!

Swimwear from La Mesma for women with breast prostheses.

Have you lost your breast? Don’t want to be bothered with ill-fitting prostheses on your next holiday? Then La Mesma is the right place for you. Here you’ll find swimwear that shows you as you are, COMPETE&UNIQUE. No matter what you’ve been through!

Our fabrics are very special.

La Mesma swimwear has everything you need to feel good at the beach. It’s modern and sexy. No woman has to
hide. Every woman can feel comfortable and confident. This is possible with the swimsuits and bikinis from La Mesma.

La Mesma places great value on high-quality fabrics. They are produced in Portugal in compliance with sustainable production standards. They feel good on the skin.

A second silky skin lining is sewn into every swimsuit and every top. This keeps your breast prosthesis where it belongs without pinching or chafing. It stays in place when the kids are romping around on the beach. You don’t have to worry about your breast prosthesis when swimming either.

We know from experience that our swimwear feels great. Our fabrics are high-quality and particularly soft. So your stressed skin is not irritated. The UV protection keeps your skin safe from strong sunlight.

Unique technology

The breast prosthesis can be inserted from above in all our swimsuits and bikinis. This is the speciality of La Mesma. It allows the prosthesis to be placed and removed very easily. You don’t have to take off your La Mesma swimsuit to do this.


The prosthetic swimsuits from La Mesma all have extra fabric in the chest area. The gathering will flatter your curves. And that’s not all! La Mesma swimsiuts make it possible to simply leave out the breast prostheses. Any scars and bumps will not be visible.

La Mesma swimsiuts are available with a round neckline for more support and security. A deep V-neck allows you to show more skin. At the same time, you can be sure that your breast prosthesis won’t slip out of place. If you prefer, you can simply leave them out and enjoy the freedom.


The tops of the prosthesis bikinis from La Mesma are available in two versions. There is a wide strap and a thin, removable strap. The removable strap varies. You have the choice between the right and the left side. The fixed strap can be on the left or right side. The choice is yours!

The asymmetrical shape flatters the figure and makes the wearer look slimmer. Finally, it is possible for women with breast prostheses to wear an unusual cut.


La Mesma bikini bottoms are available with a low or high waist. You can choose your bottoms according to your needs and preferences. If you want to show more skin, the low-rise briefs are ideal. The cut is sexy and playful.

If you want to show off your feminine curves, there are high-waisted briefs. The modern cut is once again the latest trend in swimwear for a reason. The high-waist briefs pay homage to the 70s and celebrate the female body. And we join in: Because every body is COMPLETE&UNIQUE!

Anything but vanilla

Our colours

The bathing suits, tops and bottoms from La Mesma are available in special colours. The bold colours and patterns spread a sense of exotic chic. The orange colour shines like the sun and is reminiscent of the coolness of the 70s. Stardust shimmers with fairy-like elegance.

It’s all been carefully thought out for you

And to complete the all-round feeling of well-being and happiness, we have given our swimsuits and bikinis very special names.

Milele – “The Eternal”

This name stands for itself. Timeless elegance never fades. And so does feminine beauty. The traces of life are part of our body and make it complete.


Neema – “Grace”

It’s easier to get through the day with a little charm. Everything feels easier with a little sun on your skin, a light sea breeze around your nose and a well-fitting swimsuit.

Schwimmbekleidung für Frauen

Fayola – “The happy one”

Our view on life is what makes us so special and unique. We can decide to be happy every day anew. The Women who have already experienced a lot show us how.

Schwimmbekleidung für Frauen mit Brustprothesen

Choose your La Mesma model and feel COMPLETE&UNIQUE!

Your La Mesma team!