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Breast cancer!

Susanne Wagner’s nipple & areola reconstruction

Cancer is not only a physical but also a great psychological burden for the patient, as well as for those close to her.

The diagnosis of breast cancer is often followed by medical consequences. In some cases, the breast is then reconstructed after recovery. This reconstruction can be carried out either as autologous fat tissue or in the form of implants. Unfortunately, reconstruction of the nipple and areola is often omitted.

A breast without a nipple – an unacceptable self-image for most women. After breast reconstruction surgery, a woman wants a realistic imitation of her nipple to give her body back its natural appearance.

The pigmentation of the nipple after nipple reconstruction completes the cosmetic result and contributes to the physical and emotional well-being of many patients.

After successful breast reconstruction in the clinic, I can ink the nipple and areola onto the smooth skin of the breast using the three-dimensional photorealistic tattooing style and create a deceptively real-looking nipple. If the nipple, or more precisely the nipple, has been reconstructed in the clinic, it is possible to restore the colour and appearance of this and of course the areola using our technique.

If there is still a real nipple on the opposite side, I use its appearance as a guide.

A personal consultation takes place before the treatment is carried out. As a matter of cource, I respond to the wishes and ideas of my client and explain the procedure and options to them. You can arrange a detailed consultation with me by telephone.

The procedure is performed on an ambulatory basis by appointment. No anesthesia or other local anesthesia is necessary. The treatment takes two to three hours. The tattoo/pigmentation can only be carried out once all medical measures have been completed.
Although there is close cooperation between doctors, clinics and myself during this time, I recommend that you discuss your plans with your doctor.

This offer is currently not a regular health insurance benefit. Usually, an application must be made to the health insurance company to have the costs covered. If this is then approved and granted in writing, nothing stands in the way of the project. Following the personal consultation, a cost estimate can be drawn up, which you can submit to your health insurance company.


Hotel am Triller

The Hotel in Saarbrücken

Four-star superior, urban lifestyle, innovation and tradition – in Saarbrücken’s best location, 200 beds spread over 100 lovingly designed themed rooms, 5 apartments, 7 conference and event rooms, delicious food, a fantastic location with a great view of the city of Saarbrücken, the Triller beer and Triller wines, swimming, sauna and fitness and the friendliest team … this is what the 4* superior Hotel Am Triller has stood for since 1960 and shapes the image of Saarbrücken’s hotel industry like no other hotel.

The palace gardens are within easy reach, and the Saarbrücken state parliament and Saarbrücken city center are just a few minutes’ walk away, along with other sights.

The Hotel Am Triller and its surroundings are places for explorers who are not looking for the mainstream of standardized hotel chains. There are many hotels in Saarbrücken on great sites, but the unique “Triller” can only be found once. Because if you haven’t seen Saarbrücken from the Triller, you simply don’t know Saarbrücken.

Hair Studio Kühn

Welcome to Haaratelier Kühn – Hairdresser & second Hair Studio. I, Matthias Kühn, and my team would like to be there for you when it comes to your beauty and well-being. Both the latest fashion and classic hairdressing are can be found here. Our second hair studio is all about second hair, wigs and toupees.


Fragrances play a major role in our daily lives, both consciously and unconsciously. They influence our moods and impressions. Beautiful fragrances can be used to create and emphasize pleasant atmospheres. LINARI has set itself the task of consistently combining and creating wonderfully appealing room fragrances of the highest quality with clear, timeless design. LINARI stands for the purist-elegant symbiosis of fragrances and shapes that are characterized by their timelessness. LINARI room fragrances define a new individuality.

Purism and clarity of design dominate LINARI products. Due to the resulting timelessly beautiful appearance, they can be flexibly combined and used with almost any style – from classic to modern. They offer an exceptionally beautiful eye-catcher and are therefore also ideal for use in prestigious areas, creating a pleasant room ambience.

In addition to use in private living areas, LINARI room fragrances are also ideal for public areas – such as entrées, hotel lobbies, restaurants and bars. Our products can also be used as a high-quality employee incentive or as a give-away to valued customers.

LINARI – a symbiosis of unique fragrance and purist design.

Adventure with leisure fun, games & sport!

Discover the indoor and outdoor areas of the Salinarium: the leisure pool for young and old. A 25-metre-long swimmers’ and sports pool and the spacious play and fun pool for non-swimmers await you here at a pleasant 28° – 29°C. You can also enjoy the floor jets, waterspouts, a waterfall and massage jets throughout the indoor area.

The paddling pool with tilting melon, jungle slide and squirting pelican at 32 °C offers the best conditions for little swimmers to have fun to their heart’s content. There is also a slide for slightly older children.

From mid-April to the beginning of September, the outdoor pool with a water temperature of at least 23 °C, 1 m and 3 m diving boards, a parent-child area with slides and water-spouting animals as well as over 5,000 m² of sunbathing area invites you to linger.

View of the outdoor pool


Nicole Kultau

In May 2010, at the age of 41, I was diagnosed with genetic breast cancer. I was alone with my son, who was born with severe multiple disabilities.

Armed with courage and great support, I found a way through the treatments for us. During this time, as a patient, I took the right to make autonomous decisions and question doctor’s statements. It was immensely important to me to better understand all the treatment options and the disease.

To this day, I am one of the first bloggers in the German-speaking world to pass on my knowledge to those affected and their relatives on my blogazine. Because I am convinced that informed cancer patients have a greater chance of survival.

As a patient expert and volunteer hospice counsellor, I am committed to working in a wide variety of areas. I write articles, am a member of editorial teams and patient advisory boards, develop online courses, give lectures and seminars and initiate and support a wide variety of projects with the desire to be able to support as many people as possible on their difficult journey with and after cancer.

I love the synergies that arise in the process and yet sometimes wish for greater cooperation …